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Innovative Erasable Luminous Led Light Acrylic Message Board

Innovative Erasable Luminous Led Light Acrylic Message Board

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About this item

  • 【Glowing Acrylic Message Board】 -- Glowing Acrylic Message boards are made of high-quality acrylic material, presenting you with a transparent, uniform and soft glowing effect, and you can draw or write freely on the luminous panel.
  • 【Intelligent lighting control】 -- The product has a built-in intelligent lighting system, which can adjust the brightness and color to meet your lighting needs in different scenes, so that your information is always clearly visible in different environments.
  • 【Easy to wipe and durable】 -- High-quality surface treatment makes this luminous acrylic sheet easy to wipe to avoid residue marks, while ensuring that it will not be scratched or deformed after long-term use, providing you with a long-lasting use experience.
  • 【Glow in the dark dry erase board】Glowing Acrylic Message Board Is Designed To Captivate Attention And Create A Visually Stunning Display. And built-in lights will glow, ensuring your messages and designs sparkle in any setting.
  • 【Multifunctional use】 -- This colorful luminous acrylic information board can not only be used as an information display tool, but also can be used for children's creative drawing, family memo, restaurant menu display and other purposes, making your ideas and information more lively.
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